A selection of films

The Finn Forest

Year of production: 2020
Director: Erik Pauser
Producer: Birgitta Elfström Erik Pauser
In co-production with: Värmlands museum
With support from: The Finn Forest centre
Production company: AMP film

A place in Europe

Year of production: 2018
Director and Producer: Erik Pauser / Cecilia Parsberg
Cinematographer: Erik Pauser
Editor: Johan Söderberg
Music: Johan Söderberg
With Support From: SVT/ SFI
Production company: Brandklipparen
Swedish title “En Plats i Europa”
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Swimming with Men

Year of production: 2016
Director: Oliver Parker
Script: Aschlin Ditta
Producer: Stewart Le Marechal, Anna Mohr-Pietsch
Executive producer: Erik Pauser, Dylan Williams
Production company: Met Film Production, AMP film AB,
Dignity Film Finance, Shoebox Films, Kerris Films, Umedia
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The Borneo Case

Year of production: 2016
Director and Producer: Erik Pauser / Dylan Williams
Cinematographer: Erik Pauser
Editor: Emil Engerdahl / Dylan Williams and Simon Barker
Music: Scott Shields
In co-production with: Boekamp & Kriegsheim / Red Rebel Films
Sant & Usant / Truth Department
With Support From: SVT/ SFI/ DR2/ DFI/ NRK/ NFTVF/ IKON/
Creative Europe – MEDIA Programme of the European Union
ZDF-Arte/ Influence Film Foundation/ Fritt Ord/ BERTHA/Britdoc
Film Cymru Wales/ PMA World view/ Transparency International
Production company: AMP film
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Storybord P

Year of production: 2016
A film by: Matthew D’Arcy
Producer: Erik Pauser / Dylan Williams
With Support From: SVT, SFI, EU Creative Europe
Production company: AMP film

Palme’s secret agent

Year of production: 2015
A film by: Bengt Nilsson / Dylan Williams / Erik Pauser
Producer: Erik Pauser / Dylan Williams
Editor: Matt D’Arcy
With Support From: SVT, SFI
Production company: AMP film
Swedish title “Palmes Hemliga Agent”


Year of Production: 2013
Genre: Documentary
Director and scriptwriter: Erik Pauser
Cinematographer: Lars Tunbjörk
Text: Johan Jönsson
Music: Jean-Louis Huhta
Editor: Fredrik Alneng
Producer: Erik Pauser
Executive producer: Dylan Williams
With support from: SVT and Swedish Film Institute


Year of production: 2012
Director: Dylan Willams
Producer Erik Pauser
Production company AMP film.
A production for SVT
Swedish title “Smittad — när HIV kom till Sverige”

Once there was love

Year of production: 2012
Director: Håkan Pieniowsky / Kåge Johnsson
Producer Dylan Williams
Executive producer Erik Pauser
A co-production with SVT and Brandklipparen with support from NRK, SFI, EU MEDIA

Maneuvers in the Dark – The North Korean jeans Story

Year of production: 2011
Director: Maria Ramström.
Producer Erik Pauser, Dylan Williams.
Cinematographer Erik Pauser
With Support from: SVT, YLE, SFI, EU MEDIA, Helge Ax:son Johnsons stiftelse

Men Who Swim

Year of production: 2010
Director: Dylan Williams.
Producer Erik Pauser
With Support From: BBC Storyville, SVT, VPRO, YLE (FST), Fox-Italia, Yes-TV

The Face of the Enemy

Year of production, 2009
Director Erik Pauser,
Producer Erik Pauser, Dylan Williams.
With Support From: SVT, YLE, DR2, SFI, The Swedish Arts Grants Committee


Year of production: 2008
Director Lars Siltberg
Producer Erik Pauser, composer Jonas Bohlin, text Maj Gull Axelsson.
A co-production with SVT.
Production company Brandklipparen, AMP film.

The Two Faces of Roman Martinez

Year of production:2007
Producer and director: Erik Pauser
First shown as a three screen installation, then edited into single screen film.
Production company Brandklipparen.

Snow White and the Ambassador

Year of production:2005
Directed and produced with Thomas Nordanstad.
A co-production with SVT

To Rachel

Year of production:2003
Directed and produced  with Cecilia Parsberg.
Production company Brandklipparen and Equator.

Tong Tana- The Lost Paradise

Year of production: 2002
Director and producer: Jan Röed, Erik Pauser, Björn Cederberg.
Production company Charon film.
Released on cinema and TV in Sweden,  on TV in Denmark, Finland Norway,  Germany, Switzerland,  Australia and Poland.
Produced in cooperation with TV4 Sweden, Swedish filminstitute, Bayerischer Rundfunk, NRK, YLE 2, SBS Australien and others.

Lucky People Center International

Year of production: 1999
Director and editor: Erik Pauser,Johan Söderberg.
Cinematography: Jan Röed.
Producer: Lars Jönsson.
Production company: Memfis film.
Produced in cooperation with SVT Sweden, Swedish Filminstitut, Zentropa productions Denmark, Nordic film and TV fund and others.

Electronic Pollution

Year of production: 1996
Director and producer together with Johan Söderberg and Fridjon Rafnsson.
Production company: Brandklipparen.
Commission for the Swedish television, SVT.

Information is Free

Year of production: 1995
Director and producer: Erik Pauser, Johan Söderberg.
Production company: Brandklipparen

The Tears of Eros

Year of production: 1992
Director and producer: Erik Pauser
Production company Brandklipparen.

For A 1000 Dollars I show you any pictures I want

Year of production: 1992
1992 video 16 min.
Director and producer: Erik Pauser
Music by The Hafler trio.
Production company Brandklipparen

Phauss Alamut

Year of production: 1991
Director and producer: Erik Pauser CM von Hausswolff (A Phauss project)


Year of production: 1990
Director and producer: Erik Pauser
Made in cooperation with Leif Elggren and Kent Tankred.

Writer Under a Stage of Siege

Year of production: 1986
Director: Erik Pauser
Producer: Erik Pauser, Anna Blom
Commission for the Swedish television, SVT.
Production company; Afflux