Every man and every woman is a star

Four monitors, video, projector, objects and sound.


The installation was presented in a very narrow room with a high ceiling. A projection screen was placed on the ceiling at a height of 7 meters. The four monitors, placed in the corners of the space, showed a looped tape of people happily waving. The images were taken from Nazi propaganda films. There are no images of military or political activity or fascist symbols in the sequences. A looped tape of a seventeen year old German soldier on a train is rear-projected on the ceiling. You can see that the young man is travel sick from the train ride and is attempting to hide his feelings and that he has to use all his strength to keep from vomiting. An original plaster of a bronze sculpture from 1888 is placed in the middle of the room.


Gothenburg Art Museum 1993. Part of Overground Worldexpo 1993.