Radium 226.05/Frölunda Kulturhus, Göteborg, Monitor 1987 Installation. Prodrome #1 (Videodrome) With CM von Hausswolff. Four monitors, revolving chair, quadrophonic sound. (One person exhibition).

Sporthallen, Skinskatteberg 1987, Prodrome #2 (Videodrome) Installation, with CM von Hausswolff, guests J L Huhta, J Söderberg.(* A Phauss project )Four video-screens, small fair-ground train, quadraphonic sound-system, chickens, objects.

The installations was based on a journey that described a circle around the world . The work was presented as an installation with four TV monitors placed in a circle around a revolving chair. The work was screened for one person at a time, lasting for twenty minutes. The piece has also been presented on four large video screens with quadraphonic sound. The audience sits on a small train that moves between the four video-screens. We traveled through Switzerland, Syria, Lebanon, Iran, Pakistan, India, Thailand, The Philippines and USA. During this journey we filmed with the shooting times determined by the chance ringing of an unobserved alarm-clock. When the clock rang we filmed for seven minutes in four directions. The different sequences were then edited using a similar random procedure. The video sequences have also been used in a performance work and the audio material has been released on record.

 (* A Phauss project).