Palme’s secret agent

Swedish title “Palmes hemliga agent”
Year of production: 2015

At the height of the cold war a struggle broke out between Governments from all over the world as to which position to take about the system of apartheid in South Africa. Leading the fight was Olof Palmes’ Swedish Government, which covertly funneled over US$ 1 billion (corresponding to the present day rate) to the resistance movement. This money was given without the knowledge of either the Parliament or the Swedish populace. At the center of the net in South Africa was a Swedish diplomat called Birgitta Karlström Dorph.

Meanwhile at the UN the Swedes with their Scandinavian counterparts attempted to win the argument for economic sanctions. This led to bitter arguments which saw Palme leading the fight against the Reagen and Thatcher administrations.

Cinematographer: Erik Pauser
Producer: Erik Pauser / Dylan Williams
Editor: Matt D’Arcy With Support From: SVT, SFI Production company: AMP film.