Once there was love

Once There Was Love is a powerful dark biopic of a one-time middle class Russian family whose life is slowly coming apart at the edges. Covering the 12 years since the birth of baby Nadja, this follow up to the Prix D'Italia winner ‘I Love you Natasja’ offers a dramatic and uniquely intimate portrait of an incredible modern day odyssey undertaken by a family in small town Russia.

We are delighted to announce that the film won The Best Film Award at The Vera Film Festival and The Estonian People’s Award 2012 at the Pärnu International Documentary Film Festival. It has also been selected for numerous festivals and will be recieveing its Russian Premieré at the Art Doc Fest in Moscow. The Film will also be representing Swedish Television at the Prix D’Italia Awards in 2013.

Year of production: 2012
Director: Håkan Pieniowsky / Kåge Johnsson
Producer: Dylan Williams
Executive producer: Erik Pauser

A co–production with SVT and Brandklipparen with support from NRK, YLE, SFI, EU MEDIA