A few years ago Johan Jönson wrote the acclaimed book ‘Efter arbetsschema’. A 800-page tomb of poetic confession, diary and contemporary reflection. Since then, he has written two poetry books, both of which were over 1000 pages each, and has been called one of Sweden’s most important working-class poets. Johan Jönson writes extremely frankly about himself as well about the people he meets. Jönson does not hold back from communicating thoughts of violence and self-loathing that pass through his brain. He has been described as having ‘a twisted and brutal sense of humor’.

Johan Jönson won Aftonbladet’s Literature Prize in 2008 and was nominated for the Nordic Council Literature Prize in 2009. His subsequent book ‘Livsdikt’(2010) received considerable attention and was nominated for the prestigious August Prize. In January 2012, he published his latest book – the 1200 pages long ‘’.

Genre: Documentary
Duration: 58 min
Director and scriptwriter: Erik Pauser
Cinematographer: Lars Tunbjörk
Text: Johan Jönsson
Music: Jean-Louis Huhta
Editor: Fredrik Alneng
Producer: Erik Pauser
Executive producer: Dylan Williams
Completion: September 2013
With support from SVT and Swedish Film Institute