The Two Faces of Roman Martinez

Göteborgs Konsthall January 22-March 28 2005

The exhibition revolves around the experience of three generations of combat veterans. I met Roman Martinez, a Vietnam veteran, in 1999 and interviewed him for another project. I was deeply touched by his story and at the same time quite troubled. I wanted to know more: Who was this man? He seemed to have two different personalities, two faces. A couple of days later I interviewed his wife Miriam Martinez. This was the start of a long series of visits and interviews during the following four years.

Directed and produced by
Erik Pauser
Music and sound design
Jean Louis Huhta
With support from
The Swedish Filminstitute/Hjalmar Palmgren
Helge Axelsson Johnsson stiftelse
Längmanska fonden
EMS – Electroacoustic Music in Sweden

About the installation PDF

Roman and Miriams story - dialouge excerpts from the installation PDF

The veterans - dialogue excerpts from the installation PDF