Maneuvers in the Dark – The North Korean jeans Story

Maneuvers in the Dark is the story of how three young Swedish entrepreneurs manage to sneak through the backdoor of North Korea in an attempt to produce jeans in the country, and of the spiraling repercussions that follow as they begin to trade with the worlds most sealed dictatorship.

Directors statement:
“Trade as a means of creating democracy, sounds like a good idea. But is my purchase of a garment produced in a dictatorship ethically correct? Maybe. One thing is for sure, many more and substantially larger companies than those we meet in this film guarantee just that ­ ethical production in non-democratic countries. To look at the implications of this is the basis for this film about a production line in a closed dictatorship”. Maria Ramström Stockholm January 2012

Year of production: 2011
Director: Maria Ramström.
Producer Erik Pauser, Dylan Williams.
Cinematographer Erik Pausera

With Support from: SVT, YLE, SFI, EU MEDIA, Helge Ax:son Johnsons stiftelse

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