Electric fence, computer, automatic telephone dialing system.

A maze was constructed with electric fences. A computer system was placed on a table in the centre of the maze. The computer is linked to the telephone network and operates a program that calls random telephone numbers from the telephone catalogue and then delivers a message. The message is delivered in a neutral but friendly voice: “Hello, this is Phauss. We would like to have control over your life. Do you have any comments about that? You have seven seconds to answer.”, after seven seconds of silence, “Thank you”. The message and answers can be heard throughout the installation area. It is possible for a spectator to walk into the maze, but there is only one way out. Meeting somebody else in the maze spectators must pass very close to each other to avoid contact with the fences.

Konsthall Alka Linköping 1990. With CM von Hausswolff. (* A Phauss project)