Performance/installation,  a nine meter high tower, electric fence, flood-lights,  PA system, sound-studio.


The installation was presented in two central locations in Stockholm and Gävle. The base of the installation was a nine meter high black tower. A powerful sound-system with a mixer, equalizer, effect box, and DAT recorder were hidden inside the tower. The ambient sounds of the city, people talking, cars etc., were recorded with highly focused directional microphones. The recorded sounds were then mixed, treated and played back to the city. At times the playback was almost instantaneous creating and echo of the city sound, at other times the sounds were re-mixed and layered before playback. An electric fence was built around the tower and a series of 2000 volt floodlights were arranged around the top of the tower. During the work two guards regularly appeared on top of the tower.


Rådhustorget Gävle 1991

Kungsträdgården Stockholm 1991 (photo Annika von Hausswolff)

With CM von Hausswolff. (* A Phauss project)