A five screen videoinstallation about the American military base in Keflavik Iceland.

The installation was first shown at The Living Art Museum in Reykjavik, Iceland October 18-November 16 2003.
4000 americans live and work on the base that was established in 1943.
The base is an isolated military entity with a specific strategic purpose. At the same time it caters to the needs of the families living there it features everything that an american small town would.
We spend four weeks on the base in september-October 2003. We where at all times accompanied by officers from the public affairs office at the base, all the same all our requests where granted.
We followed military personnel on their ordinary workdays, we met their families and friends. We filmed in the school, in the daycare center, in restaurants, barbershops, bowling alleys, and other places all over the base.
The five screens are synchronized and the “loopingtime” of the installation is 40 minutes. Size variable. A radar picture over Iceland is continuously shown on one monitor.

A cooperation with Spessi.
Living Art museum Reykjavik Iceland, 2003. (One person exhibition).

"I believe there is always going to be enemies here on earth and we got to have a posture ready to defend our country as well as our allies and be ready to take whatever means to defend ourselves".
Captain Matthew French, pilot 493d-fighter squadron